Episode 20: Career Nation Show with Shellye Archambeau

 Shellye Archambeau is a Silicon Valley leader, who is one of High Tech's first female African American CEOs. She has been featured frequently in Forbes and New York Times and Business Insider and has been an executive at IBM, CEO of blockbuster.com, and then the turnaround CEO for a Silicon Valley startup, which is now MetricStream, a global leader and governance risk and compliance software. She currently serves as Fortune 500 board member and holds board seats at Verizon, Nordstrom, Roper Technologies, and Okta. Her new book, 'Unapologetically Ambitious' comes out in October.

In Career Nation Show, Shellye talks about her book, leadership, and career management.







Okay. Hello and welcome back to the Career Nation Show. Today we are so lucky to have Shellye out on the Career Nation Show. Shellye is a phenomenal Silicon Valley leader. She's one of High Tech's first female African American CEOs. She has been featured frequently...

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Episode 18 | Career Nation Show with Brian Lillie

“When you’re passionate about getting to the right answer or doing a great job, you’re not there to just get by. You want to approach it with energy and passion. Otherwise, that’s not a life worth living.”

– Brain Lillie, Career Nation Show, Episode 18.

Brian Lillie is a U.S. Air Force veteran; he has been the Chief Product Officer, Chief Customer Officer, and Chief Information Officer at leading tech companies like Equinix. He has led Sales Operations, Program Management, and IT organizations at Verisign, Silicon Graphics. 

He is an innovative thinker and created a program for the Executive Education program at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University, the predecessor of their current best-selling Innovative Technology Leader program.

He is a Board member at two public companies, Lumentum (LITE) and Talend (TLND), one private company (Advocate Insiders), and advises multiple startups and private equity firms.

He is a...

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Episode 16: Career Nation show with Eric Siegel

AI is an extremely powerful technology that helps us automate mass scale decisions. It’s sort of the implementation of private and public policies and automation and mechanization of those societal functions. It brings up a lot of ethical issues around social justice and how this affects all the people about whom decisions are being made.”

Eric Seigel, Ph. D and founder of Predictive Analytics World join us in episode 16 of the Career Nation Show.


Here are some of the highlights from this episode:

+ Why the term AI is misleading?

+ What is predictive analytics? How does it work?

+ How it generates a predictive model?

+ The operationalization of the model.

+ The opportunities with machine learning and predictive analytics

You can get the copy of Eric Seigel’s best selling book, Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die, from here: ...

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Episode 15: Career Nation Show with Rohit Bhargava

“If you can see things that nobody else sees, by consuming the information that they don’t, you can make yourself indispensable. Because that way, you end up having better, bigger ideas.”, says Rohit Bhargava in episode 15 of Career Nation Show.

Rohit Bhargava is the founder of the Non-Obvious Company. He is an innovation and marketing expert, marketing strategist, author, teacher, and keynote speaker.


Here are some highlights from this episode:

+ Non-obvious megatrends
+ Power of observation
+ Protective technology
+ Skill development
+ Flux commerce
+ Developing trust and becoming trust advisor
+ His favorite book, app, and food
+ Career advice
+ How to become a successful leader?

Transcript of the Interview

Career Nation: Hey Career Nation! Welcome back to the Career Nation Show. Today it’s going to be a very special episode because today we have a special guest, Rohit Bhargava. Rohit is an innovation and marketing...

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Episode 14: Career Nation show with Charlie Gilkey

“We didn’t commit as much as we could have because we were afraid of what might happen if we win. What are our notions of success that keeps us from doing meaningful work and making the change? We’ve talked enough about the fear of failure. Let’s talk about the fear of success.”, says Charlie Gilkey in episode 14 of Career Nation Show.

Charlie Gilkey is a US army veteran, business growth strategist, author, speaker, and entrepreneur.


Here are some highlights from this episode:

+ Why smart people struggle and give up halfway?

+ Why shouldn’t you consider thrashing as bad?

+ The downside and fear of success

+ How to create space for our special projects?

+ How to find the balance between your professional and personal relationships?

+ How to tell your career story?

You can get the copy of Charlie Gilkey’s best selling book, Start Finishing, from here: https://amzn.to/2RiNEUx

Transcript of the Interview

Career Nation:
Hey Career...

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Predictions for 2020 and beyond

The year now is 2020! Happy new year! And a happy new decade!

I like the sound of 2020, like a clear vision. Perfect time to share some predictions for 2020 and beyond – on tech, on politics, and other macro trends.

There are some positives and there are some negatives. So here they are in no particular order. 

1. There will be a big tech break-up or not quite?

Prediction number one – there will be big tech breakup (or not quite?). There will be some noise in the system to break up big tech – companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google, etc. And there could also be some possible class action against Amazon for copying other brands.

The government, they will end up scoring, I would say a symbolic victory. And most of the tech companies will be able to work around these legal changes. The result – everyone wins except consumers. Because these companies will continue their march towards complete world domination and the politicians, they will be able to score...

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Episode 13: Career Nation show with Don MacLennan

Security is interesting in many ways as it is absolutely necessary for any company, especially companies that are becoming more digital, go undergoing a digital transformation, says Don MacLennan in episode 13 of Career Nation Show.

Don MacLennan is the SVP of Engineering & Product at Barracuda. And he shares great perspectives on the Tech landscape and shares amazing career advice.


Here are some highlights from this episode:

+ How to develop customer-centricity and customer empathy

+ How the subscription business model shift is happening in tech

+ How to find great mentors and be a great mentor

+ How to build and develop skills

+ How security careers are evolving

Transcript of the Interview 

Career Nation:
Career Nation, welcome back to the Career Nation show. Today, it is a very, very special guest. Today we have SVP of Engineering & Product at Barracuda, Don MacLennan. Don, welcome to the show.

Don MacLennan:
Thanks, Abhijeet. I’m really happy to be...

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Episode 12: Career Nation Show with Johanna Lyman

“The number one indicator of success is the degree of self-awareness and emotional intelligence a person has. Now 85% of people think they’re emotionally intelligent and only 10-15% actually are. So, it’s never too early to become more self-aware. It’s also never too late”, says Johanna Lyman, in Episode 12 of Career Nation show.

Johanna Lyman is a professional speaker, business consultant, entrepreneur, and author. She is a business coach at NexGen Orgs and the president of the Bay Area Chapter of Conscious Capitalism.

In this video, she explains how to become successful by handling failures effectively and shares insights about life, success, failure, wisdom, and career.


Here are some highlights from this episode:

  • How to develop your business?
  • Why emotional intelligence is critical?
  • How to innovate and scale your business faster?
  • Why business should be conscious of their capitalistic tendencies?
  • How to handle failure – at a...
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Episode 11: Career Nation Show with Maria Kellis

“Once you find your center, everything becomes quiet. Then you can start observing life unfolding as a rotating pattern around you”, says Maria Kellis, in Episode 11 of Career Nation show.

Maria Kellis is a researcher, business consultant, entrepreneur, author, and teacher. A triple major from MIT, she runs a consulting firm that combines business and spirituality. In this video, she talks about going “From Burned Out to Fired Up!” and shares insights about life, meditation, wisdom, and career.


Here are some highlights from this episode:

  • The influence of Taoism in her life
  • Why books are considered to be the window to wisdom
  • Why is the connection between spirituality and business is important
  • How to address stress and burnout
  • The importance of finding your center
  • How to find the balance between work and connection
  • What are the symptoms of stress and burnout
  • What is your zone of genius

Read more about Greg Fox’s insights on Tech...

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Episode 10: Career Nation show with Rajesh Setty

Rajesh Setty is an entrepreneur who has founded several successful startups, an author of 18 books, and a teacher and mentor.

In this video, he shares insights about life, career, and secrets to success.

  • How his book got rejected by publishers for 159 times and how the 160th time become magical.
  • Hammer & nail strategy. 
  • Why entrepreneurship is a team sport.
  • How important are stories in life?
  • How to become more self-aware?
  • Why smart people get stuck?
  • How can people go about having a side hustle and at the same time sort of capitalizing on it over a period of time?
  • Learning art through hard ways.
  • Different career opportunities in the present digital age.

Transcript of the Interview

Career Nation: Hey Career Nation, today is a very exciting episode. Today, we have none other than Rajesh Setty. He is an entrepreneur, he’s an author and a teacher. And I’d known him for many years and he’s a mentor to many, many people here in Silicon Valley....

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