How To Hack Your Commute To Get Ahead In Your Career

The commute sucks: it eats up energy, focus, and, most importantly, time, which leaves us with less opportunity to be productive and successful at work.

Commute also comes with variables that add to the drama. Traffic noises. Train delays. Bad weather. Ugh.

TIME: our most valuable and non-renewable resource.

If you work from home, hallelujah, brother! Zero commutes for you.

If not, then how far you from work. Everyone’s commuting these days has increased drastically: daily, it might be an hour, two hours, or even God forbid three hours!

If we are spending all that time commuting, how can we take advantage of that time?

Because as you know, time is our number one non-renewable resource.

If you spend money, you can always make more money later. But if you spend the time, you will never ever get that time back even if you pay someone a ton of money.

Let’s look at five great ways to hack our commute times and invest in career building.

#1 Upgrade your knowledge

You can...

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How to build an outstanding professional network and nurture in 10 easy steps

How can you grow your professional network? First, do you think a professional network is important?

Let me reference one of my favorite quotes: your network drives your net worth. Let me repeat that. Your network operates your net worth.


As you grow in your career, your network is going to drive your career and your compensation. It will open doors to new opportunities and help you to create value for others. Therefore, having an active and healthy professional network is in your best interest.

#1 Build your network before you need it

You should build your network before you need it. For example, if you’re job hunting, that may not be the best time to build your network. You wish you could tap into a network that you built over time.

The best time to build a network was yesterday. The next best time is now. Let’s talk about how you can build your network now so that you can take advantage of your network down the line in your business...

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How to become a highly paid professional

Every one of us is interested in becoming a professional who is always in-demand in the industry and also, by effect, is the highest-paid professional in an area or domain.

If we were to consider just compensation as a metric, let’s look at Bloomberg’s chart that shows professions with high incomes.

But the question remains: how can you become the most highly paid and most in-demand professional in your area?

Let's use a framework to answer this question.

Successful professionals are often in two broad categories: athletes and experts.

Let me explain.

Top professionals are athletes and experts.


An athlete is someone that is on top of the game regardless of any project or work. Usually, you can identify these people pretty quickly: these folks are successfully running projects even though they may not be close to the subject matter of the project itself. That is an unusual situation. Because here we have a strong individual contributor or...

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