Episode 5: Career Nation Show with Jonathan Copulsky, CMO, Board Member, Northwestern University Faculty

Jonathan Copulsky joins us in the next episode of Career Nation Show. He is the former Chief Marketing Officer at Deloitte, co-author of The Technology Fallacy and faculty member at Northwestern University.


This video only has the first 10 minutes; catch the entire episode on YouTube: or podcast https://bit.ly/2Sf3XBF

Here are some highlights from the discussion

1. Jonathan’s career journey

2. What’s the role of marketing in a new subscription-centric world where customers will “try and buy” new products

3. How customer make certain ‘habits’ over a period of time and how marketers can make customers change their habits

4. His favorite marketing and branding stories

5. Favorites game: Jonathan’s favorite app, favorite book, 

6. How to view a career as a set of skills and experience rather than jobs helps us to navigate better

7. How he prepares for critical meetings and big presentations; and how watching others present...

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Episode 4 : Career Nation Show with Susan Choi, Wellness Expert

“Stress doesn’t happen to us; stress happens by us.”

Stress is so prevalent in the workplace, and yet we rarely talk about it.

Susan Choi is a leading Wellness Expert and former management consultant. She joins us to break down workplace stress and ways to address it.


Susan shares many nuggets:

  • Her career journey and a pivot to completely changing her career towards stress management and wellness expert
  • How burnout is a real and serious issue to deal with
  • What are specific symptoms of stress to watch out for
  • What is the fact vs. a story that you are telling yourself?
  • Cracking the code: developing the mindset to deal with stress
  • Favorites: Susan’s favorite app, favorite quote, and favorite book!

#career #careers #careeradvice #stress #stressmanagement #wellness #worklifebalance


Susan: Because most people believe that stress happens to us, but the truth is, is that stress happens by us. Until we can understand and manage that...

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Episode 3 : Career Nation Show with Joe Pinto, Chief Customer Officer @ Pure Storage

The legendary Joe Pinto, chief customer officer at Pure Storage, joins this episode of Career Nation Show. 

John Chambers once said: I have not seen any leader reinvent himself more times than Joe Pinto.


Joe shares some amazing nuggets; 

  • How customer experience is all about the lifecycle and how services play a role in helping customers across the lifecycle
  • Creating recurring value for customers to get recurring revenue
  • How to build an amazing culture in a global organization
  • How to make great hiring decisions
  • Moments that matter in your career: how to identify them and how to capitalize on them
  • Favorites game: Joe talks about his favorite app (it's an uncommon one), his favorite book, his favorite restaurant (hint: it is in Sunnyvale).
  • His sources of inspiration and energy
  • Lastly, he unpacks his career insights for Career Nation!

#careeradvice#customerexperience#Cisco#Purestorage#technicalservicesCiscoPure Storage#subscriptioneconomy#subscription



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Episode 2 : Career Nation Show with Karen Mangia, VP Customer Insights @Salesforce

Karen Mangia, VP Customer Insights @ SalesForce and author of “Success with Less,” joins us in this episode of Career Nation Show to share some fantastic career insights.


 Here are some of my favorite parts of the show

1. Karen’s career journey: “I did not choose a high tech career, a high tech career chose me.”

2. Customer insights @ scale: how she leverages sales leadership experience to develop customer insights and trends that drive vital actions across the company

3. Fueling growth: leveraging customer insights to “test” new concepts in a high growth SaaS company

4. Overcoming personal odds: how she overcame own tough challenges and wrote a book about success

5. How she developed an authentic leadership style (Watch rest of the episode: https://youtu.be/JlhyYwqCsKc)

6. Favorites game: her favorite app, favorite book, favorite quote, and favorite restaurant. 

7. Prep techniques for key meetings and workshops

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Episode 1: Career Nation Show – Sheila Jordan, CIO @ Symantec

The first episode of the Career Nation Show is here!


Sheila Jordan, CIO of Symantec and author of “You are NOT ruining your kids,” joins us to share her fantastic career journey. 

Here are my favorite parts of the interview:

1. How a modern CIO bridges business and technology to create value

2. Why security is so critical and why it is exciting to work in this space

3. How she came into writing her book “You are NOT ruining your kids”: an excellent guide for working moms to manage work and life

4. Favorites game: Sheila shares her favorite app, her favorite book, and even her favorite restaurant!

5. She gives valuable career tips: how to receive and work on feedback; how to optimize meeting time; how to acquire new skills for leadership trajectory and many others 

You can get a copy of Sheila’s book here

Transcription of the interview

Sheila Jordan: It’s going to sound contradictory, but let me explain it. It’s the...

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Here Is A 4 Part Framework To Rock At Your New Job

The first 90 days of any new job are super important.

You have done much hard work to get here. You’ve gone through a grueling job search process. You’ve gone through multiple interviews. You have negotiated a great offer and start date.

You’ve landed this job. Or maybe you moved into a new role in the same company. So now you are here. Ready to start on a new gig. These are your first 90 days. 

Here’s why these early days are so important.

You have to establish credibility at your new job.

One of the most crucial parts of your new job is to make sure you’re establishing that credibility.

The organization that has just hired you. They have seen the potential inside of you. They know that you can get the job done. They know you want to make a mark.

But here’s what they need to see

  • They need assurance that you are capable
  • They need assurance that you are a cultural and organization fit
  • They need to guarantee that you will be able to...
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How To Deal With Office Politics And Emerge As A True Leader

Office politics is everywhere: a big company, a medium-sized company, or a small company. And this is to across industries and geographies.

You can't ignore office politics.

Companies are made up of human beings. And where there are human beings, there will always be politics. Will the future world of AI and robots have zero politics? That would be a fruitful discussion for another time.

You can choose to participate in office politics, or you can want to stay away from it. But one thing you cannot do is ignore it.

Therefore, office politics is here to stay. Here is how you can deal with office politics and address politics in a very professional way and emerge as a leader.

Show leadership by keeping yourself above politics.

By staying above the office politics area, you can demonstrate that you are really about leading rather than following.

You absolutely should demonstrate that you are an objective leader

If people around you're speaking negatively about a person or a project or...

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How To Take Your Job Performance To The Next Level With These Four Steps

The average job performance review process creates more negativity than a positive work environment. There are multiple reasons for that, and mismatch in expectations is one of them.

But you are here to be a CareerTiger, not just another ordinary clock-punching employee.

So here four steps to take your job performance to the next level. Plus, a bonus step. Yes, there is a free prize inside.

Fundamental issues with job performance and what can we learn from them

The issue with job performance, or lower job performance, is because many people do not understand what’s an expectation from them in their job. In other words, many people who are in their careers, they don’t know what their manager or their organization is expecting from them in that job. If you don’t know what that expectation is, you won’t be able to perform according to that expectation. So, if you are not performing to that expectation, guess what? According to your manager and the rest of your...

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Five Great Reasons Why Becoming A Parent Helps You To Become A Better Leader

Parenting is a significant milestone for everyone. Becoming a parent is such a special time in your life. When you become a parent, it’s a major milestone event.

And for some us, it might even create a break in career. Many times, it’s more challenging for women, rather than men.

At the same time, it creates many advantages. Becoming a parent can be helpful from a career perspective. Let me explain why.

#1 Parental leave provides an opportunity for introspection

The number one is, it helps you take stock of your career. When you just become a parent, you’re taking some time off from work; you get a chance to do some introspection and become more self-aware. Do a check-in with yourself regarding what are you doing with your career? Whether you like your trajectory or not? Whether you like the work or not? Do you want to explore other things in your job?

#2 You (automatically) become a coach

Even if you’ve passed that milestone, and you are in parenting mode....

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Seven Rules That Will Show You How To Manage Your Boss

"What? I have to manage my manager?!!!"

I know managing your manager sounds ridiculous. Even scary.
But it is beneficial for your career trajectory. Let me break it down for you.

Why should you manage your manager?

One of the most important relationships at a job is your relationship with your manager. Often, when people quit a job, it's common because something went wrong in their relationship with their manager. Managing upward and managing your manager is extremely important.

One of the questions you might have is, "What do you mean managing your manager? My manager manages me. I don't manage my manager. I can't manage my manager!" .The fact is that that you both manage each other. That is why it is super essential for you to manage your manager.

Let me share 7 rules that will show you how you can manage your boss better.

#1 Understanding and managing expectations

First, I would share with you, is around understanding expectations. Understanding what your manager is...

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