Why You Must Develop Soft Skills at Work to Wow Your Managers and Peers

You might’ve heard this comment in the workplace. It goes something like this. This person is so good at his work. If only he could develop some soft skills, he would be great. Now, what most people don’t realize is that soft skills are hard skills because they are the most critical skills necessary to be successful.

Things like

  • Showing empathy to customers and
  • Communicating your ideas, whether it’s verbally or in written format, or
  • Working collaboratively with as a team, with your co-workers and colleagues, or
  • Being adaptive
  • Being creative
  • Managing your own time
  • Managing others’ time

Soft skills allow you and other people around you to produce great results and excellent outcomes. As you go through your career journey, you’ll realize that soft skills become more important than hard skills or even technical skills.

What do you think? Would you like to develop your soft skills even more?

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Problems are opportunities; in fact problems are gifts, here is how to unwrap them

The problems and challenges you’re facing today are your gifts.

Because these are opportunities in disguise. Most people do not open that gift. They don’t want to open that gift.

And that’s because the wrapper on that gift isn’t very nice. It’s unpleasant, and it’s uncomfortable. It’s something that people stay away from.

And so, despite the unpleasant wrapper, you have to approach it because you have to unwrap that unpleasant wrapper.

Because the gift is inside.

In fact, be thankful for the problems you’re facing today because you are lucky that you are being given those gifts. And make sure to unwrap that gift.

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The #1 way to learn new skill and fast track your career growth

We all know that one of the keys to career growth is to continuously learn new skills. It is a career superpower.

People that can’t learn can’t survive in the modern workplace.

So how can we learn new skills quickly? Is there a hack?

Learning through audio or visual

Many people learn through audio. For example, you might be listening to some audio, maybe it’s a podcast, and you might be doing other things, but you’re always understanding the topic that’s going on, and you’re learning. Another one is watching videos. So, you are watching a video or hearing this audio, and you are learning. Those are great ways to learn.

Learning by doing

However, the best way to learn, which is great leaders have figured this out, is called kinesthetics. It is learning by doing. So, let me explain that. When we perform activities, that’s the maximum learning we get. So, when we are doing things with our hands, we are performing those tasks. That’s when...

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Luck is when preparation meets opportunity

You may have felt this a lot of times, like; this person has the perfect job; this person lives in the perfect neighborhood. And it feels like that person is so lucky. But that is not the case. Because luck is all about being prepared, and it’ll be looking for opportunities and taking advantage of them. Being prepared means that you worked on your skills, and you’ve built your experience in the right areas over a period of time.

So, when opportunities arise, you are prepared to take advantage of those opportunities. This is how you create your own luck, which also means that you have to be in the game to win the game. And so think about the game that you want to play in. And if you’re in that game, because if you’re not in that game, then it is time to prepare and be on the lookout for opportunities to create your luck.

You want to be a successful leader; then, you must prepare yourself to be in the game and look for your next opportunity.

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Technology has a First Mile and a Last Mile; where would you like to play?

How does technology make its way to the market, and what’s your role in that market? I like to view this as the first mile and the second mile.

The first mile is all about the creation of the product and the creation of the technology. It’s about making sure you are prioritizing the right features for the right market for the right customers, and then you’re putting engineering behind that to make that product come alive. And there might be a lot of scars on the backs because of that. Maybe it’s product strategy or product engineering or all of those things. And there might be some scars on the backs or as I like to call it ‘learning,’ right?

And the second mile is all about deploying that product, deploying that technology in the best interest of the customer to create the best outcome possible. And that involves a lot of knowledge about the customer or a set of customers or particular geographies or particular regions or specific types of...

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Drive innovation by improving your personal focus and eliminating distractions (Leadership Hack)

Driving innovation fundamental to the modern digital workplace. But it is challenging to get into a focus zone to drive innovation at an individual level.

Think about the project, product, or body of work that you are currently working on. How can you innovate and ideate to bring more value to the table?

Innovation, Intellectual Property and Knowledge workers

Our jobs are increasingly based on innovation rather than manual labor. These include all kinds of things – ideas, concepts, problem-solving, creativity – all of those things that are sort of loosely defined as Intellectual Property (IP) or knowledge work.

Now, these ideas and these creativities, they require a deep focus.

They require us to put all the 120 bits of conscious thinking that we have to work.

Driving Innovation in a distracted world

However, we live today in a world of distractions. The latest email, the IM, the tweet, the latest Slack message, all of those things are contributing to a world that is not...

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Career Progress: Are you camping or are your climbing in your career?

As we make progress in our careers, a good way to think about the journey is to see if we are camping or climbing.

There are times when we are in the middle of a transformation, we are learning new skills, we are putting in the hard work, and we are climbing towards our next opportunity.

And when we find a new opportunity, we camp.

When we find that opportunity, we make things great around us, we create value, and then we also enjoy the fruits of creating that value. We enjoy the rewards and the incentives that come along with that.

But after some time though, after you’ve camped for some time, you will start to feel too comfortable. And that is a signal for you to start climbing again.

What are you currently doing? Are you climbing, or are you camping?

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3X your job performance with these five powerful steps from top athletes

As leaders, many of us are thinking about improving our job performance, taking it to the next level, and optimizing our professional productivity.

And we are often working on challenging, and seemingly impossible projects.

It feels very similar to being an athlete.

Here are five rules that we can learn from athletes for us to become better even better and high performing leaders.


The first one is about training. And this is about building competency. A competency is something which is, you have your skill, and you get to experience that skill, and that becomes a competency. And this is the part where you constantly are training so that you develop a better competency.


The second piece is about the mindset. Having the right mindset for performance, and this is a combination of many things like gratitude. And it’s also about helping others and making sure that your mindset is tuned to creating value for others. And those folks might be stakeholders, your...

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Episode 16: Career Nation show with Eric Siegel

AI is an extremely powerful technology that helps us automate mass scale decisions. It’s sort of the implementation of private and public policies and automation and mechanization of those societal functions. It brings up a lot of ethical issues around social justice and how this affects all the people about whom decisions are being made.”

Eric Seigel, Ph. D and founder of Predictive Analytics World join us in episode 16 of the Career Nation Show.


Here are some of the highlights from this episode:

+ Why the term AI is misleading?

+ What is predictive analytics? How does it work?

+ How it generates a predictive model?

+ The operationalization of the model.

+ The opportunities with machine learning and predictive analytics

You can get the copy of Eric Seigel’s best selling book, Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die, from here: ...

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Episode 15: Career Nation Show with Rohit Bhargava

“If you can see things that nobody else sees, by consuming the information that they don’t, you can make yourself indispensable. Because that way, you end up having better, bigger ideas.”, says Rohit Bhargava in episode 15 of Career Nation Show.

Rohit Bhargava is the founder of the Non-Obvious Company. He is an innovation and marketing expert, marketing strategist, author, teacher, and keynote speaker.


Here are some highlights from this episode:

+ Non-obvious megatrends
+ Power of observation
+ Protective technology
+ Skill development
+ Flux commerce
+ Developing trust and becoming trust advisor
+ His favorite book, app, and food
+ Career advice
+ How to become a successful leader?

Transcript of the Interview

Career Nation: Hey Career Nation! Welcome back to the Career Nation Show. Today it’s going to be a very special episode because today we have a special guest, Rohit Bhargava. Rohit is an innovation and marketing...

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